What we do

What we do

Our journey of reaching every milestone of success is full of joyful memories and many of them yet to achieve. Every story has many hidden emotions, we try to capture them and bring up every blissful moment so that every time you see them you can live those moments again with a wide smile, joyful laughers, and tears of happiness.

From capturing your beautiful moments of your pre-wedding and wedding occasions, we provide our expertise in videography, short movies, Fashion Photography, Product photography, music videos, documentaries and what not. We work with enthusiasm and affection by putting the blocks of hard work, passion, creativity, and innovation together to bring out every moment with its true colours.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are the foremost auspicious occasions of one’s life. Everyone desires to relish and capture all the moments of their wedding. We at pooja studio captures each moment of your huge day and different ceremonies related to your wedding fantastically. Our skilled photographers fill your photos with magic in order that u will live the instant on every occasion you see them once more. We capture the enjoyment behind each moment whether it's your pre-wedding images or photos of your sangeet, mehndi or different unforgettable ceremonies. We believe that each photograph features a story and that we place all our effort to create your story immortal.

Wedding Cinematography

We understand that your wedding is a memorable affair. We have a tendency to place our efforts to create it a happy experience. An experimenting effort of wedding filming, bit by bit build up to become our specialty and happy wedding cinematography for thousands of couples. Wedding filming is the fringe of the blooming blissfulness, the hidden laughter behind the haze and living all the happy moments with motion. Despite of if it’s little village or an exquisite foreign location, we tend to take the marriage beyond the extent. Your huge day is special and filming it's our sensible fate. We tend to strive laborious to form it better with each moment.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is an art of capturing fashion jewellery, dresses, accessories etc. We are able to convert your fashion product into a complete by our wonderful photography skills and toil. Our skilled photographers’ portrait the models like a painter fills colour his creation. Each product is going to be highlighted and fantastically shown. We tend to try and offer best shots by creating the matching surroundings and props. We've got experience in pulling out the best in our images and tendency to create them additional spirited.

Product photography

Every product is the results of labour, efforts, and experiments. We at pooja studio tends to bring out each drop of sweat you had place in your product by fantastically capturing it in our cameras. We try to pour life into the merchandise so that whoever sees it will straightaway get spellbound by it. We tend to capture it with all faces and angles. We all know the very fact that your product is vital to you and golf stroke this in mind we handle it with delicacies. We believe to bring out each operating of your product in its photos. Our professional photographers place all the efforts to relinquish you each excellent shot which can facilitate your product to sell simply and fruitfully.

Short Film

If you would like to shoot your short film in U.A.E. or any other part of the world, we tend to are the simplest short film maker in Dubai. Pooja Studio is ready and experienced to supply the corporate film, promotional film, coaching film, short film, academic film, a psychological feature film in an innovative manner. We work to give you the best and featured short movie by directing the artist and capturing every scene perfectly in every shot. We believe to bring out the emotions each short film tends to point out to its viewers. We have a tendency to try and build it even as reality so viewers will live it by imagining them with each character.

Music Videos

We all love to listen music and watching videos that features our favourite music. Music is related to our mood and emotions. Music videos offer life to each word of the lyrics of the song it's featuring. We tend to perceive the emotions connected and try to get them in music video with our skilled and diligent photographers and video makers. We tend to relinquish you the precise video you would like to try and made with excellent surroundings and props. We at pooja studio put all our efforts and experience to create your project thriving and gratifying.


Making a documentary film is rarely simple. You don’t need a pre-written script for a film however to create an honest documentary everything has to be compelled to be finely scripted. You would possibly have created up your mind to shoot a day of the life of some politician, actor, the commoner or something however creating it a robust film it has to be compelled to be altered and directed well so viewers will see what we would like them to truly observe. We at pooja studio direct, form and provides meaning to the documentary. Our virtuoso filmmakers and photographers work effortlessly to relinquish your documentary a true vision so it will unfold the message that you wish it to.