Stuck On Forever – Aalok & Disha | Pink City Jaipur

Love can happen anytime no matter how young or old you are. We just need to get stuck on the right person. Disha and Aalok are the two souls who love each other with all their heart, truly and madly. This love story signifies the true love and its stages.
Disha is a beautiful soul with a beautiful face. Her beauty is the biggest reason which made Aalok fall for her. Aalok and Disha are the couples which are connected by destiny. They live in the same building, studied in the same school and eventually got admission in the same college. They spent nine years of their lives together and now they are ready to make their bond stronger by tying the knot of marriage.
Disha is a straight forward and practical girl and if she wants something, she will get it done with perfection. Aalok is a chill and easy-going boy and their rhythm fit perfect with each other which makes them a perfect couple. The dreamy destination wedding of this couple will be in the pink city, Jaipur. The three days celebrations got started with rituals and pre-wedding functions. The first function was Tilak ceremony. The ceremony is followed by chunni chadhana ritual. After that mehndi ceremony was conducted in which the henna is applied on the beautiful hands of the bride. Groom’s side gifted flower jewellery to the bride in the engagement ceremony. Everybody danced in joy, clicked pictures and had lots of fun. In Sangeet function is also organized where all the family members danced and grooved to the music. Bollywood star—— had also joined to give his best wishes to the couple and to make the ceremony more fun. Haldi is applied to the groom as well as the bride so that their skin can glow to the fullest.
Finally, the day of the wedding came. Disha is looking gorgeous in her red wedding dress. Aalok is also looking the most handsome boy in his sherwani. He is all set on the mare to get her soon to be wife Disha. They both took the 7 vows. Aalok filled Kumkum in Disha’s head and put the Mangal sutra around her neck. With the blessings of the elders, the couple is happily married.
Their journey was long together and the bond of love was strong. Like every relationship, this couple too faced the difficulties and hurdles. But they had faced every situation and passed with flying colours. Their love won and so does they by losing their hearts to each other and they both stuck on for forever. The story ended here and a new journey and with this thought, we wish this lovely couple a life jam-packed with happiness and enjoyment.

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