Siddharth and Yamini, Royal Marwari Destination Wedding in Ambyvelly City

Love is the most beautiful feeling and when it happens it can be clearly felt. It always grows stronger with time no matter what situation you are or how far you are from the person you love. Siddharth and Yamini are the two persons in love and their love grows with time in every feeling and situation. Yamini liked Siddharth from the very first day they met. She can feel the love in everything he does for her. She felt his love in his messages and every small and big thing. The floret of their love blossoms into a beautiful flower of marriage in best wedding destination Aamby Valley. Our expert photographers and cinematographers beautifully recorded each moment of the starting of their beautiful journey with their marvelous destination wedding photography and cinematography skills.

The couple is getting married in the presence of all the near and dear ones in a Destination wedding in the Aamby Valley. The celebrations are grand and full of fun organized by one of the best wedding planners Red Events India. The occasions started with ring ceremony at Radisson, Guwahati where Siddharth and Yamini exchanged their rings and promised each other togetherness for a lifetime. Then henna is applied on Yamini’s hands to make them look more beautiful with Siddharth’s name on them in Mehndi ceremony. After that both, the families welcomed the guest with special royal bands. A Retro theme party was organized with lots of activities to enhance the fun and enjoyment of the occasions. It has rain dance, games, bull climbing, passing the parcel game, drinks, food and lots of music to groove on.

Everybody enjoyed the couple at the party which was followed by the haldi ceremony. Both the bride and the groom are painted with turmeric paste so that they can get the glow of the happiness and love on their skin. A pool party was also organized which has increased the excitement and fun for everybody. In the sangeet ceremony, Vishal and Shekhar have taken the celebrations to the next level of enjoyment. They both sang their songs for the couple and everybody presented there. Both of them danced with the couple and gave their best wishes to the couple. All the moments were beautifully captured into never fading memories by our Top wedding cinematographers and photographers with their best skills of wedding photography and cinematography.

Finally, the big day for Yamini and Siddarth has arrived when they are going to get united and get in a lifelong relationship with each other at Marwari Destination wedding in Aamby Valley. Siddharth has worn a red sherwani and to compliment him with his clothes, Yamini has worn a beautiful red bridal lehenga. Both of them are looking like a beautiful artistic composition of some famous painter. Siddharth is all set on his white mare to go with his family and friends to take Yamini as his wife. Both of them walked in rounds around the sacred fire and took the seven vows. Yamini’s head is decorated by Siddharth by filling the kumkum in it. He tied mangalsutra around her neck. Siddharth and Yamini are together for a lifetime. To complete the celebrations a reception is thrown for our newlywed couple. Every emotion, happiness, joy, fun, and beauty of everybody present at the wedding were captured by our best wedding cinematographers and photographers to cherish for a lifetime.

For Yamini, it was unbelievable when she is in love. She feels it in every moment they spent together. Their love grows and gave them happiness and filled them with the feeling of completeness with the time. The chemistry between the two is amazing. We wish the couple a happy journey and a great married life. Our professional wedding cinematographers and photographers who possess the best wedding cinematography and photography skills beautifully captured the love Yamini and Siddharth have for each other.

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