Roshini and Nimit, Destination Wedding Udaipur, Rajasthan

Love is a powerful feeling which can transform someone from ordinary to special. We all want someone perfect for us but usually we don’t get it. It’s all about finding the right person for you instead of searching for someone perfect. Roshini and Nimit are perfect to each other couple. Nimit found his right partner in Roshini and they both complete each other. Nimit is quiet and calm whereas Roshini bubbly and talkative. They both complement each other well and make a fabulous couple. They both are meant for each other. They decide to tie the knot in the beautiful wedding destination lake city Udaipur. To capture the momentous instance of their new journey celebration our best professional photographers and cinematographer used their expertise of wedding photography and cinematography to the fullest.

Roshini is a happy go lucky girl and everybody in Nimit’s family is happy about her getting married to Nimit. Nimit and Roshini are like two pieces of jigsaw puzzle that are completely fitted to each other. Nimit is dearest to everyone especially her mother’s in Roshini’s family. Her father is happy to have him as his son in law but sad too because his beloved daughter has to leave her parents’ house. Nimit wanted someone with trust, honesty, companionship, supporting him when he is down and he can support her as well in her low times. They both work as a team with each other by lifting each other when they are feeling down.

The celebrations are amazing and glamorous. The wedding functions were grand three days celebrations in the lake city, Udaipur. It started with a pre-wedding photo shoot by our Top professional photographers and cinematographer. The functions started with Mehendi ceremony followed by welcoming the guests, Sangeet, and ring ceremony, sagri ceremony, ghari puja and haldi ceremony, a big royal destination wedding in Udaipur, and the reception. In mehndi ceremony, the beautiful design is drawn on Roshini’s hand with Nimit name engraved on it. After that everybody welcomed the guest at the destination wedding venue Udaipur. At the sangeet ceremony, everybody danced along with the couple. It was grand, full of fun and amazing. The couple cut the cake and exchanged the rings. With the blessings of elders, they are engaged and soon going to be married. Every moment of every occasion was captured perfectly by our expert professional destination wedding photographers and cinematographers who possess the skills of perfect wedding photography and cinematography.

The day has come when both Roshini and Namit are going to get hitched at a beautiful destination wedding place Udaipur. A beautiful red lehenga is waiting for Roshni to wear it. In contrast to her lehenga, Nimit wore a creamy white sherwani. They both are looking gorgeous in their wedding dresses. Namit and Roshini have taken seven vows with each other. He filled her head with Kumkum and tied the auspicious mangal sutra around her neck. Both of them are happy and content, and our best professional photographers and cinematographers have done justice by capturing every instance of happiness and togetherness.

Roshini’s smile is enough for Namit to go beyond. He wants to see her beautiful face with a smile always. Our top cinematographers and photographers have magically encapsulated Roshini’s smile and Namit’s happiness seeing her smile with their professional skill of wedding photography and cinematography. This is the starting of a beautiful journey of the life of these two together. We wish this couple many more years of togetherness and love with a happy married life.

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