Rohit and Priyanka, Indian Wedding in Dubai

Love stories are dreams for the couples living them and wedding is the dream come true for them. It easy to love someone but to get the person for life everyone needs to struggle. Rohit and Priyanka had wanted each other for so many years. They spend many happy moments together creating beautiful memories with each other. It’s hard to describe for Priyanka that how she felt when finally, she and Rohit are getting married to each other. It’s a beautiful dream which came true for both of them. Her happiness is beyond words to describe the feeling she gets with the thought of spending the rest of her life with Rohit. They both saw a dream some years ago of being together and after so many struggles finally, they are getting married. For making their wedding memories our best wedding photographers and cinematographers had captured their moments beautifully with expertise in wedding cinematography and photography.

It’s a journey which had started with a dream for Rohit to get married to a girl who had changed his life completely; He struggled for the Priyanka who was totally worth it. Priyanka is a bubbly person with a beautiful face and soul. She brings out the different side of Rohit which everyone loves. They both connected to each other when they met. Rohit is a happy person full of patience and calmness. He is always ready to help and always giving. They both look adorable together. They have their own way of communication which they had developed after years of being together. They had worked together to make their dream reality. And their dream is witnessed by her family and beautiful wedding venue Raffles, Dubai.

Rohit has really worked hard for Priyanka. He took her elder sister for lunch so that he could impress her and walk a step forward towards their dream of getting married. He struggled through the journey of rejections to acceptance. Now they are getting married to the best wishes of everyone. Their journey from lovers to a married couple has shaped in beautiful big fat wedding destination Dubai. And the moments of this journey is captured by our best wedding photographers and cinematographers.
Priyanka’s parents blessed her with their blessings, her cute, naughty and overprotected younger brother has ordered her to take care of herself, her elder sister and brother in law are happy for the couple and everything else is perfect.

After waiting for so long the celebrations got started in with Roka ceremony where the groom’s family presents gifts to the bride. The rituals followed after that is chunni ceremony, Mehendi, Same day sangeet and ring ceremony at beautiful wedding destination Atlantis, The Palm Dubai and then came the big Sindhi wedding day at the mesmerizing venue in best wedding destination Raffles Dubai. The functions end with a beautiful reception at Marina, Dubai.

The Mehndi function was organized at homes of the couple in which henna paste is applied on the bride’s hands and its color shows the deepness of their love. After that sangeet ceremony together with the ring ceremony was organized at big fat wedding destination Atlantis, The Palm Dubai where the couple dance and with them danced everyone in joy and happiness. They cut the cake exchange rings and everyone present there blessed them and wished them a joyful life. And the moment of promises exchanged with rings, fulfillers, joy, and happiness was captured by our Top wedding photographers and cinematographers.

On the day of the big fat Sindhi destination wedding at Raffles Dubai, Priyanka has worn red lehenga in which she was looking the most beautiful bride. Her smile with dimples is making her adorable. Rohit is looking handsome too. All the rituals of the wedding day are completed successfully. Our beautiful bride is escorted by her brother while the groom has been seated in front of the holy book “Guru Granth Sahib”. They revolved around the Guru Granth Sahib in the clockwise direction for the four prayers. Now the couple is officially married. The most crucial moment came where the bride has to leave her parents for the groom’s house. In the end a reception at Marina, Dubai was a cherry on the cake. Each moment small or big is captured by our Professional photographers in Dubai with their expertise in wedding photography and cinematography.

Both of them are happy and thankful to God. Priyanka is happy as Rohit is perfect and he chooses her to get married and did everything for. Rohit is happy to give this life to her and spread the love which he had learned from Priyanka. Here is the starting of a new journey of this lovely couple and we wish them a life full of happiness and moments of togetherness and love.

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