Parish and Renaira, Big Fat Destination Wedding Pattaya Thailand

Marriage is a turning point in someone’s life. Two people need to understand together before getting tied together for a lifetime. Marrying the person, we love is the sweetest thing anyone can wish for. And if the person we love is our best friend too then it’s like the cherry on the cake. Parish and Renaira are one of those lucky couples who not only love each other but also is the best friends of each other. The beautiful couple has a sweet story of getting in love and marrying in the dream wedding destination Pattaya, Thailand. Their wedding moments are captured by our expert photographers and cinematographers putting their great effort and wonderful wedding cinematography and photography skills.

The story of this couple started with a text message received by Parish from an unknown number when he was in Brazil. Someone has asked for his photograph. When he called the number, the person on the other side of the phone told him that Parish’s father is sitting with him. His father told him about a girl whom he had met at a wedding attended by him in Sri Lanka. Parish asked about her. His father told him that she is a pilot. He got curious as her profession was quite different and so he got excited too.

Renaira and Parish chatted over the phone for almost 6-7 hours continuously. They had never met before but still, they can feel the spark between them. On their first date, they bonded well, felt connected and shared everything. It felt like they know each other for years. Parish had never thought of marrying a pilot. Renaira is ready to live with him leaving behind everything and can even go to China with him. That’s the moment when they both decide that they have to live together and they are meant to be with each other. The popular destination wedding venue of Thailand, Centara Grand Mirage had beautifully witnessed the beautiful couple tying a knot. It had given the couple many beautiful moments with lots of emotions captured by our top Destination wedding photographer.

With the blessings of elders and approval of couple, the big fat destination wedding of Sindhi family is going to happen in the beautiful and popular destination wedding venue Centara Grand Mirage, Pattaya, Thailand. A formal engagement ceremony is conducted where the couple exchanged their rings and promised to live together. The celebrations got full of excitement and fun with mehendi ceremony where beautiful Renaira was going to write the name of Parish on her hand with henna. The mehndi was followed by an Airport theme party keeping in mind Renaira’s profession. The big fat destination wedding got more excited with the beach party on the beautiful beach of Pattaya, Thailand. All other rituals like santh custom, saagri tradition, Ghari puja are completed with full satisfaction and enjoyment. At Sangeet Party, everybody danced in happiness with the couple and enjoyed the moment to its fullest.

On the wedding day, Ghari puja & Haldi ceremony is conducted. Bride’s family welcomed the groom with open hands in their house. The Pattaya destination wedding day has finally arrived with lots of joy and happiness. Every small and big moment were captured beautifully by our elite wedding cinematographers. The beautiful bride Renaira is ready in her wedding lehenga to stop the heart beats of Parish with her beauty and charm. On the other side, Parish is also ready to impress Renaira with his handsome looks. He came on a big elephant like a king and fireworks were the cherries on his grand entry. In the spirituality of mantras and chants, they both took the seven vows. Parish filled Kumkum in her head and put Mangal sutra in her neck to make her his better half for a lifetime. As to complete the celebrations Reception party was held the next day of the wedding. The beautiful newlywed couple danced with each other followed by cake cutting to celebrate the new journey of their life. Every moment from engagement to reception was beautifully captured by our top and best wedding photographers and cinematographers. Their marvelous wedding cinematography and photography skills are the great contributions to make the big fat destination wedding dreamier.

Renaira is infected with Parish which makes her forgot everything but him. Parish hasn’t found anyone as good as her. They found their life partners as well as best friends in each other and thus added their name to the list of perfect couples. We wish this adorable couple a happy married life and lots of success and happiness.

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