OPPOSITE ATTRACT – Dimple & Ankit | Destination Wedding at Alila Diwa Goa

The starting of love is friendship. Friendship is the first milestone of the journey of love. Dimple and Ankit were friends first and then the bond of love start building after that. If you can open your heart without hesitating to each other and be friends with each other well then you are perfect to take the next step. Dimple met Ankit in Ajmer through his cousin when they were only 18.

Ankit is a jolly, loud, open and all time fun nature boy whereas Dimple is a shy and simple girl. They both become good friends. Their parents came up with the proposal of marriage with each other after which they went on their first date. They get to know each other more and Ankit started liking her. Dimple has also developed feelings for him. They are totally different and this couple gives the perfect example of opposite attracts.

Love grows with time no matter how long you have been with someone it still grows. It all about how much you understand your partner and how much compatible you can make yourself with him. Dimple bought a magical power in everyone life in Ankit’s family. She is a wonderful soul by heart. Ankit is a same family member and a perfect match for Dimple according to her parents. Dimple changed a little since Ankit came to her life but still he likes her for the person she is.
With the blessing of elders and family members, our lovely couple is going to tie the knot of marriage in Alila Diwa, Goa. The celebrations started with pre-wedding shoot on the beautiful beaches of Goa. A beach party is organized where everyone from both the families gathered and grooved on the music. There were drinks, music, and fun activities. After that Tilak ceremony is completed which is followed by mehendi function in which henna is applied on Dimple’s hands. They got engaged in engagement ceremony. Every ritual is beautifully completed. They got married in the church too. Haldi ceremony is conducted which is followed by Sangeet party where everyone blessed the couple and danced in joy along with them.
Finally, the day of the wedding arrived with the God grace. Ankit is all set on his mare to get married to Dimple with his family members dancing in front of it. Dimple is ready in her beautiful wedding lehenga and looking gorgeous. They both revolve around the fire and took seven vows. Ankit has made Dimple his wife by tying mangal sutra and filling kumkum in her head. Now both of them are happily married to each other with all the rituals and blessings.
This couple has proved that no matter how different you are from each other but love can make you perfect and a match meant to be. We wish this beautiful couple a life full of fun, joy, and happiness.

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