Gautam and Khushboo | Destination Wedding at The Ananta Udaipur, Rajasthan

Love is that cannot be described, you can only feel it. You just know it when you meet the right person, there is no need to acknowledge that he is the person. Gautam and Khushboo share a wonderful bond of love. Khushboo is a very disciplined and talented person. She met Gautam who was dancing with a glass on the head in a wedding. She had a completely different view of him. She thought that he is the guy who doesn’t care about anything. But when she gets to know him more, he turns out to be a very kind and soft-hearted person. She knows from the very time she realized that Gautam is the person and no one can switch his place or get fitted on the criteria and could be a better person. For Gautam marriage is a lifetime commitment. For Khushboo marriage is a wonderful bond as you become a part of the new family, start a new life altogether with the person you are in love with and you are going to spend your life with him. They decided to get married in royal style at the beautiful wedding destination The Ananta, Udaipur. It was beautifully captured by our professional photographers and cinematographers who posses best wedding cinematography and photography skills. It is courageous to take this decision of marriage for Gautam and till he met Khushboo he didn’t know who the right person for him is. He is supportive, always there for her and a brilliant person whom she loves the most. He is just not the better half for her, but the best half of her.

The Dubai based couple decided to get united in one of the most popular destination wedding place, The Ananta, Udaipur. It’s a grand three days celebration which was planned by one of the best wedding planners Krayonz Entertainment Mumbai – India. The grand celebrations of the big fat destination wedding are started with a Pool party where all the relatives, family and friends gathered together and danced to relaxing music. The party was a splendid celebration for everyone with lots of dance and fun. All the joyous moments were captured by our Top wedding photographers. It was followed by mehendi ceremony where beautiful design is drawn on the hands of the bride with the groom’s name hidden in it. After that haldi ceremony was conducted. It was followed by sangeet function where Gautam and Khushboo performed a couple dance. They cut the cake. Everybody enjoyed the function by dancing and blessing the couple.

The big fat destination Sindhi wedding day has finally come when both of them are going to get spliced in their big destination wedding Udaipur. Gautam has come on a white mare with all the groom side guests dancing with joy. The beauty of Khushboo her red lehenga and Gautam is looking the most handsome groom in his mustard sherwani. Both of them took the seven vows. With filling her head with kumkum and tying the mangals sutra around her neck Gautam is married to Khushboo. Every instant of the beautiful destination wedding was encapsulated by our Best wedding photographers and cinematography in Udaipur. Our photographers had captured every emotion and happiness of every moment with their expert wedding photography and cinematography skills.

The bond between the couple is wonderful as they love each other and knows each other well. We wish this couple a wonderful married life and moments of joy and happiness.

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