Love is about finding someone with whom you can be yourself. Anoop and Nisha found their love in each by feeling the true connection of souls with each other. Their souls got connected and heart became one and this is the beginning of a beautiful love story of these two-lovely people. They met for twice but felt like they know each other for years. The connection of love is enough to connect them and tie the knot. They decided to share their lives and start their new journey in lavishing way in Goa with family, friends, and relatives.
Anoop and Nisha met each other a year ago. None of them has thought that today they are going to be happily married. They met twice and felt like they are lost buddies meeting after a long time. They had decided to get married as the right time is when you feel that you have got the right person. Anoop got his partner in crime and Nisha got the connection she needed in her life partner. Their marriage is taking place in the most beautiful and dream place for most of the couples, Goa.
Everyone is arriving to shower their blessings on the couple. The destination wedding has everything from traditional to western culture. Everybody danced in happiness and enjoyed a lot. The functions got started and the first ceremony was the ring ceremony. Beautiful rings had got exchange followed by cake cutting by the adorable couple. After that, a sundowner party was there to groove on music, sip the drinks and admire the sunset. The ceremony followed by haldi, mehndi, and every other ritual of before marriage. Every ritual is done with full of enjoyment and completeness.
The big day has come when finally, both Anoop and Nisha are going to get married and happily live their life afterward. Anoop is looking handsome in every way and Nisha is looking the most beautiful and gorgeous bride. They took the seven vows revolving around the fire. Anoop put the Kumkum on Nisha’s forehead and mangal sutra in her neck. They are married with the blessings and wishes of everyone.
Anoop and Nisha both are ready to start their journey of married life. Anoop got his life partner and promised Nisha to love her forever till his last breath. Nisha found her true soulmate in Anoop and promised him to stand by his side in every phase of life good or bad. Every moment of the wedding is captured and every memory is saved to cherish in future. We wish this lovely couple a happy life ahead and bright future.

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