Ankur and Saloni, The royal destination wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

To most people crush is something temporal, something that may or may not dissolve as time passes. But for Ankur and Saloni, crush was the bud that blossomed into a beautiful marriage and initiated a wonderful journey of togetherness. In fact, their journey started and revolved around several weddings all along. The funny fact is that Saloni was only of 2 months when the first time destiny decided to bring them together. It is even beyond her remembrance. She had just travelled to Kochi from Bhagalpur and Ankur’s house was the first one she had visited then with her mother. In fact, her mother still has the dress she wore during the visit. Time had started weaving together the strings of their future already by then it seems.

After this they had met a few numbers of times and the amazing part was, they were all during weddings. The first among them, in 2007, they met at Ankur’s sister’s wedding. Although a meeting alright, the couple didn’t get a chance to talk at that time. The third time however, destiny had other plans for them. The two of them got a chance to dance together at Ankur’s brother’s wedding in 2008. This was all too exciting for Saloni considering she had already developed a crush on Ankur by that time and the dance rehearsals were like a sweet dream for her. The song was “Tenu Leke Main Jawanga” and to the tunes of this, Saloni’s heart fluttered wildly as she secretly wished the Sangeet practice to never end.

No, just meeting at other’s weddings is not what their story is all about. The two met formally for the first time on Saloni’s 17th birthday. This time they finally did have eye contact and had a chance to speak to each other. Ankur even gave her a romantic drive in his car, picking her up from Korter, the ice cream parlour. Saloni’s happiness knew no bounds and it indeed turned out to be her best birthday so far.

For some it takes a lifetime to find and to know the Mr. Right in one’s life. But for Saloni it was never so difficult as she knew it was her Ankur all along. It may not be easy to pinpoint why or how she fell in love with him. But her mind as well as her heart was all beating in the same tune and they all knew what Saloni felt for Ankur. She knew she was meant to be with him and Ankur was destined to be hers. Their wedding was also fixed very soon and on Fathers’ Day, 2016 Saloni got her call from father as well as her father-in-law confirming that the wedding venue was the marvelous and royal Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. This was the best gift for her ever that her father could give her – the royal wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur. Our destination wedding photographers knew exactly how to make the gift all the more special. We knew what they needed was the best moments for wedding.

They had a total of 9 functions for our gorgeous Marwari wedding including the Mehendi, Fusion Night and Bachelor’s party on the first day. The Mehendi and the Fusion Night were held in ITC Hotel, Jodhpur and the Bachelor’s party at Balsamand Lake Palace. The next day was Haldi, which again was organized at the ITC followed by Myra and Carnival. The engagement of the couple in love was held on 22.01.2017 at Umaid Bhawan Palace during the Sangeet ceremony. Our experts wedding cinematographers captured each moment of enjoyment with the greatest precision. The next day at the same beautiful venue, the phera was completed in the morning with an afternoon pool party and reception in the evening. For Sangeet they had invited Shradhha Pandit and Mame Khan for their reception. The wedding was amazing as it could be and everyone blessed the couple with all their heart for a beautiful future ahead. All the moments have been captured perfectly showcasing the best instances of Indian wedding and stored to be cherished in the future. Our top wedding photographers & Cinematographer contributed on their part with their extraordinary wedding photography and Cinematography skills in making their wedding even more special. The couple too started their journey, hand in hand, heart with heart towards a far happier tomorrow and we wish they get to keep their promises to love each other and be with each other forever.

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